Mission & Values


We care and believe that all individuals should receive the necessary “personal care” in order to live in their homes and communities that lead to the formation of compassion, commitment and conscience, avoiding out-of-home displacements, through services offered at Cura Personalis Behavioral Health Center.



Cura Personalis believes that the most important differentiating quality of any outstanding organization are the set of values that encourages, unites and provides support for them. Values are endless and persistent, which triggers an organization’s practices, plans, policies, procedures, performance and results.

Everything we do at CPBHC is underpinned by our values. We believe that integrity, respect for others, and creating an inclusive team environment are the right things to do. An organization that does not behave in an inclusive way is not a team we want to be part of. These are cornerstones of our values and underpin everything that we do as an organization.

The organization’s values are:

  • We demonstrate caring for individuals’ well-being as a whole
  • We build meaningful relationships in our communities, while upholding integrity
  • We provide quality services in every aspect of CPBHC and in the communities we serve